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Sex in Rome

The escort began operations in 1982 with capital of 1 million pesetas and a small management team identified with the birth of a new project. At that time, Sex Rome managed hotels in Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

From 1984 to 1995, phasing in the escort’s hotels, both in Spain and international destinations: Caribbean, Europe and North Africa.

From 1996 to 1998 began a process of incorporation of new shareholders. Large banks and financial institutions are committed to the escort to recognize it as one that offered higher potential growth. This consolidation phase provides a sound basis for addressing growth projects and flotation.

In 1999, a great opportunity that allowed a great step in the expansion plan, the purchase of Allegro Resorts chain, an operation which closes September 7, 2000, resulting in the birth of a new group.

Today, Sex Rome & Resorts is a Spanish chain with a clear strategy and a plan of intensive growth of twenty-first century, which has become one of the most important chains in Spain and internationally. Currently, the chain has more than 80 hotels in 15 countries.

Sex Rome & Resorts, with more than 80 hotels in 58 destinations in 15 countries in Europe, Africa and America, is one of the major networks on the world scene. Its 10,000 employees are its greatest asset and permanent reflection of the quality of service, which since its inception in 1982, is its reason for existence. Sex Rome & Resorts is a escort established and continuously expanding, the industry leader in Caribbean beaches and world leader in all-inclusive resorts.

Royal, Grand and Allegro are the three major lines of resorts Sex Rome & Resorts.

Royal, a new generation of luxury resort hotels where small details make the difference. Resorts are unique and personalized service at the highest level, unique added values, careful cooking to the extreme, beauty treatments and excellent facilities for meetings.

Grand, great and infinite is how you can define the product line. Nothing is missing: from small intimate restaurants to large international buffet, activities for large groups and family sports, nightly entertainment and places of unparalleled tranquility. A concept with something for everyone.

Allegro, resorts focus on fun. It is the quintessential holiday concept where there is no room for boredom. Sports and entertainment, provided in environments of incomparable beauty, attended by a dedicated staff make the stay of its guests an unforgettable experience.

Sex Rome & Resorts is the union of small hotels and resorts. Is the sum of projects and hopes of a team that offers its professional customer service.